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About the Feature Ideas category (1)
Use glitch user as author for git commits (2)
Mobile support for console (5)
Custom loading screen on Glitch projects (14)
Auto-update Glitch code on new GitHub commits (9)
Keep stat bars in original logs area - for "glancability" and less "panel clutter" (4)
Java in definition (2)
Pnpm for pip libs? (3)
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Feature request: Allow customized / stylized embed windows (2)
Custom Domain Support Without Fly (4)
More powerfull projects for students (5)
[mobile safari] remove autocapitalize and autocorrect from input fields for technical terms (2)
Ordering files in the project (5)
Ability to Open Logs in new tab, like Console (2)
Removing Owner from Project (4)
Can we upgrade our projects somehow by paying for it? (5)
Collapsible folders (4)
Merchandise/swag please! (1)
Modern C++ on Glitch (2)
Can you upgrade python to latest version (3)
Ability to change the Waking Up/Preparing screen (2)
Make Github repos update automatically (1)
Ability to deploy Firebase functions from the "Deploy to Firebase" button (1)
Implement Rollup or Browserify into the Editor (2)
Add line highlighting to embed (4)
GPU support for apps to speed up runtime (2)
Increase disk space (5)
Update Rustc & Cargo to v1.32.0? (2)