Feature Ideas

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Dark theme for Glitch support (2)
Auto-complete closed parentheses/brackets (4)
Keep stat bars in original logs area - for "glancability" and less "panel clutter" (2)
Other languages (2)
Java outdated (UPDATE) (3)
Allow disable rewind (2)
Accessibility with screen readers (1)
Glitch.com Mobile App ( 2 ) (26)
The ability to open and close folders (3)
Server locations (4)
Disable auto rewinds (1)
Mitigate editor lag by tweaking the "show live" button (9)
Tag on the rewind timeline (3)
Have static files that are always available and be able to update them with from jobs (1)
Vim support for editor (2)
Allow input in the output log (3)
Healthy social features (5)
Increase disk space (2)
When creating a new file, start with the current path (2)
Add New Programming Languages Support (2)
Export a local directory to Glitch (2)
Glitch Project Positions (1)
Glitch API Documentation (2)
Add line highlighting to embed (3)
Add Rewards For Activites (2)
Asset import from URL (8)
Add "Your Projects" option to User Options (2)
Export Docker Image (3)
Luarocks support (6)