Feature Ideas

Implement Rollup or Browserify into the Editor (2)
Add line highlighting to embed (4)
GPU support for apps to speed up runtime (2)
Increase disk space (5)
Update Rustc & Cargo to v1.32.0? (2)
Suggest changes by remixing? (2)
Feature Request: simple .db explorer for the default sqlite server (1)
Add H2O HTTP/2 Server and Redis (3)
Allow input in the output log (4)
Arrangement of panels (2)
Add embedded color picker (5)
Embedding multiple pages (for Medium, Observable, blogs, etc.) (4)
Show logs without remixing (17)
Hinting for code ability (1)
Download Single File Button (1)
Glitch.com Mobile App ( 2 ) (27)
API to add custom domains or wildcard subdomains (1)
Verifying Teams (5)
Is there an API to change the project avatar? (4)
Auto-complete closed parentheses/brackets (7)
Accessibility with screen readers (1)
Auto completing brackets, parentheses, and HTML tags (3)
Support emmet syntax in html file (13)
Integrate Code Mirror themes & bracket completion (1)
Add find input to console. So, we can search keywords inside the console (1)
Feature Request: Integrate .editorconfig Support (1)
Support for CSS Variables (--*) (4)
Glitch-Discord Community Server (2)
Increase HTTPRequests (1)
Dark theme for Glitch support (3)