1.000 hours free project hours

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I’m having a question about https://glitch.com/glimmer/post/fast-free-static-site-hosting-glitch-project-hours . What do they exactly mean with “Free Project Hours”? Do they mean that your bots are 24/7 up for 1000 hours in total in a month or that they’re only woken up whenever you need them and you’re only allowed to have them woken up for a total of 1000 hours in a month? Responses are appreciated. Thanks!

Nope. It’s not 24/7. Your apps still sleep after 5 mins. You only get 1000 hours of your app online/not sleeping.
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Thanks for the fast response! Have a nice day further!

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wait, so if i close out of it it will sleep anyway? wait what was the point of adding it? so it just makes it worse?

says this on the glimmer update thing
’ And you’re getting 1,000 hours of free hosting time. ’

Yep. That’s right. You get 1000 hours of free hosting per month, per project. These changes have been implemented to ensure service stability, as we had some really bad outages before due to people pinging their projects. If you want to have more hours and keep your bot up 24/7 please use Boosted Apps

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https://repl.it is a good alternative


no ffmpeg and canvas doesnt work and your code is visible to everyone if you dont pay

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yeah replit gets weird errors sometimes

wdym by canvas not working? Cause it did for me, just had to get a custom font.

is this now 1000 hours per project?

Per account.


That’s basically unlimited if you think of it 1000 hours a month /31 days = approx 32 hours per day