&#10 is not a syntax error

I’m making a placeholder for a Textarea, then I use a line break, and to do that you type &#10 like this:

placeholder="Did you know? &#10 	•you can press alt f4 for a genie to come"></textarea>

It works perfectly but then I press the prettier code button. It says the following message:

We can’t format this file yet because there’s a syntax error on line 2.

Assuming the placeholder is on line two, I removed the line break in the code itself not the string. There was a tab inside of the string so I removed that too. And it still had the syntax error. That’s when I delete the line break (&#10) and then it works. I added everything back expect the line break and it still works. Then I tried this in vs code and again it works perfectly with 0 errors. I think this is a mistake in the editor.

is it any happier with &#10;?

this has to be the most embarrassing topic of all time


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