1000 free hours, do they count app's active hours or the time from deployment

I really couldn’t understand this in their Q/A section

They are active hours.

hmm thanks, but i do see project hours being counted even though my app is not used much, i deployed an hour ago and the usage is shown as 1 hour even though i have barely hit a couple of times, is it a glitch?

Maybe it could be one of these reasons:

  • You are editing the project causing it to stay up.
  • People are accessing your project/other projects you own.
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hi @mum-never-proud! welcome to the glitch forum!

At the start of each month you get 1000 hours, these are taken off when:

  • You are editing a project
  • a non-static site is being visited (somebody enters your site)

To clarify, a static site is a project which hasn’t got the following:

  • requirements.txt
  • package.json
  • glitch.json (might be wrong)

If your site has any of these files, the project shuts down after 5 minutes and only comes online when somebody visits. If your site has none of these files then they stay online always (no downtime caused by your project sleeping) and will only take off hours if you edit.

Once your 1000 hours are up, you must either wait until the start of next month (you cannot edit/run any projects by yourself if your out of hours) or you can buy glitch’s boost plan.

Hours are counted when somebody visits your non-static site. Or when it is online.

think that was detailed, and somewhat correct


cool everything’s clear now thanks!

wish i could mark two best solutions :slight_smile:


we’re glad to help! :slight_smile:

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I’m a bit lost because the longest month would have 744 hours in it total. Even if the glitch project were running for the entire month, we would still be within the 1000 hours. What am I missing?

Edit: I just realized you can have multiple projects, I’m an idiot.


1000 hrs for every project you have. So if you run 100 project for 10 hours consecutivly then you would reach the limit.

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