15.ai NPM Package Release!

Hey guys!
I’m not sure if I should post this in the gallery or if the category is only for Glitch projects.

Anyways, as you may know 15.ai is a very popular text to speech site with voices like Spongebob.

I made an unofficial, simple NPM package that you can use and it makes it a whole lot easier :slight_smile:

NPM PACKAGE: https://npmjs.com/fifteenai

(all the documentation is on the npm page, this is my 2nd package so sorry if it sucks lol)

Edit: It was made using Glitch

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@will this is supposed to be for Glitch projects but I guess if you made it in glitch it’s okay

yeah it was made using glitch

Ok, then I guess you can. Great package! The voice seems accurate I think but you should add some more voices

the text to speech like thing is cool

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yup! if you check the to-do, you’ll see the rest of 15.ai’s voices that i need to add :smiley:

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A bit lacking for a whole npm library, you should be able to return an audio stream/buffer instead of an URL.

Yeah, that’s something I want to add. The original api.15.ai endpoint returned a buffer blob: and I found it difficult to use so I made a quick NPM package :+1:

in learn code blobs expire when you refresh so I don’t really know how this saves for seven days ngl

Edit: your using hosting?

yes, i am using hosting. uploading the blob to my server and then removing it a week later.

Thing I’m forking out:

Create a blob for the client

upload that file, and bam…

ok… I like this

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