i`ve been interested in this for a while, but am i allowed to use this in glitch? more like a blockchain example

before you answer, i HAVE READ THE TOS

It should be fine as long as you are not mining.

erm, bad news…

Well in that case, no. Sorry :confused:

What does mining even mean

ah okay, i`ll try another service

This is a project that got banned for mining.

When you use a computers resources to obtain cyptocurrency.

dat sounds illegal @RiversideRocks

that script would`ve just used about 1% of the resources

it ain’t. crypto currency is untracable, and not owned by any government, meaning not illegal

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I mean in that case, maybe but really you would have to get the green light from glitch.


i guess that means i`ll have to send an email for confirmation…

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You are making your own cryptocurrency. You are not profiting from it, giving money out to anyone with it.
Mining on glitch can get you money but it comes at a cost for glitch but not you. To be honest, I don’t see how this can be a problem.

Main reason that this is not allowed is the fact that you are not learning, you are abusing the free platform that Glitch has given you to earn money. This is also why you see hackers gaining into big data centers and using all the machines to mine crypto. It’s free money for them once they get in and its completely untraceable.

It’s abuse of the system which is probably why its not allowed.

You can’t get money, because you are the only person on the “{insert your currency name here}” network.
I’m sure making your own network isn’t a shortcut to getting money you can learn it bit more by some googling.

But you could ezly mine something that has more than one person on the network.

Yeah but in this case 171winn is building his own. Also because no one contributes actual money to the network, no one will be able to recieve money.

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Wait so you cant make your own type of money system

Earning money, on its own, seems not to be the problem. You can, for example, run ads on your Glitch site.

Glitch’s disapproval of mining likely comes from the high resource usage, namely high CPU usage for proof-of-work blockchains and high container uptime.

But given that this is something you’re just playing around with, then:

  1. keep the mining difficulty low
  2. turn it off when you’re not learning from it
  3. inform Glitch staff that you’re doing it non-abusively under these parameters