2 bots, 1 project?

Is it possible to host 2 bots on one project?

yes it is, you just have to run two processes at the same time so one process has to run in the background in package.json


Actually, you can run both using require()

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You’re right, since most frameworks are event based and don’t need a blocking loop this works

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Make sure that

  1. Your bots are not in 50+ servers
  2. You are handling commands correctly
  3. Your bots do not share commands.

kk (wait but why no 50+ servers xD)

RPM (requests per minute) will be too high.

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oh ok then

Also, you have to verify 2 bots.

verification is only needed if the bot needs to be in over 100 servers xD

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If your bot reaches 50 servers you are not in, just go and wait for 75 and get it verified.