2 projects suspended

#1. foxhole-war-map suspended with reason “No miners allowed”. It’s a discord bot that sends screenshots of a game map to servers that installed this bot.
#2. foxhole-interactive-map suspended with reason “Bad behavior detected”. It’s the game map the previous project takes screenshots of.

Hey @cori , I have the same suspension for the same reasons. I was using puppeteer for my discord bot to take screenshots of a map at regular intervals. Could you do the same and remove the puppeteer stuff and unsuspend it, and I will fix up the code. so that I can work up an alternative method. Thanks. Projects are https://glitch.com/edit/#!/foxhole-interactive-map and https://glitch.com/edit/#!/foxhole-war-map

Hey @Kastow and @Sethfire, I’ve unsuspended these two projects and disabled puppeteer, so you should be good to go.