24/7 Project Help?

So I’m a broke coder using glitch to host projects and I was wondering if there is any way to keep a project online 24/7. I found uptime robot but glitch banned it or something and like I said I would buy the subscription but I’m broke : / So any other way then uptime robot??

You can upgrade to boosted apps:

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Adding to what @RiversideRocks said, Glitch costs less than Uptime Robot, too.

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you could move to repl.it

it sucks, but I guess its now just for discord bots…

or buy glitch premium, however as told already, you are broke.

don’t ping yourself, you’ll get banned

you can make the project connect to the editor websocket to keep it awake.

j. Infrastructure Integrity
We reserve the right to delete, suspend, or terminate your access to, or ability to use, any and all Services that we determine to be placing undue strain on our infrastructure. These changes were made in response to ping services on Glitch and our efforts to make the site more stable. You can read more about those efforts here.

Even though that is not technically “pinging”, it could be considered as strain on the servers.


vote for glitch’s integeration into github student pack, and if it works then get the pack

Don’t u see NO circumstances do this. This is breaking the TOS.

If there is no other choice, Heroku. Highly not recommended! You can’t even right to the disk so you may have some problems :frowning:

What? How does that work?

I think he meant “Do not ping your projects”.

There are NPM packages that ping the project.


Ohh. That makes since.