3d multiplayer game that can be installed and run offline

Project README:

Project Demo: ( login with usernames computer or science both with password 1234)


:apple: Provide the JavaScript community with a fast track to high performance 3D VR multiplayer games installable on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops as Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). The resultant games are compatible with many popular VR HMD and controller systems such as the Oculus Quest.

:apple: Provide computer science students and teachers with an accompanying introductory level curriculum.

PWA installed on mobile desktop and screenshot of splash screen.

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Wow, this is so cool! Great job!

Thanks for the kind words. I intend to clean it up this summer, design two levels of curriculum for it, and create demos for several game genres and serious applications.

Did you make it entirely on Glitch or were you using local dev environment? I’m just curious to learn more about the development process of glitchers. :smiley:

I pretty much made it entirely on Glitch with a few exceptions where I switched to VS code for some find and replace functionality, which the Glitch editor may get along with IntelliSense in the near future.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I’m wondering how do you switch between Glitch and VScode? Do you use git for that?

Auto completion would be a great feature indeed! In case you didn’t know, find and replace is already implemented in Glitch: Shift + Cmd + F opens it. I don’t think it supports regex yet, so it’s quite limited, but still handy.

Thanks for the info about find and replace. I have my VS code and my Glitch project connect to the same GitHub repository and fetch and push as needed.

Oh, that sounds very convenient! Do you use Glitch Export and Import buttons to push and fetch from your Github repository? Sorry for the noob question ahaha, I should probably better just try it myself.

Yes, I use the Glitch Export and Import buttons on the Glitch project. You obviously know your way around the Glitch editor in ways I don’t despite being a self identified noob. I welcome any discussion that furthers the developer community.

Thanks a lot for your answer and for the kind words! I’m going to try this feature in one of the next projects.