4000 requests/hour, is there a log for this?

I’m hosting a slackin app that has a simple file, server.js, with . these contents:

const slackin = require('slackin');

  token: process.env.SLACK_API_TOKEN,
  interval: 60000,
  org: process.env.SLACK_SUBDOMAIN,
  gcaptcha_secret: process.env.GOOGLE_CAPTCHA_SECRET,
  gcaptcha_sitekey: process.env.GOOGLE_CAPTCHA_SITEKEY,
  path: '/',
  silent: false

However I continuously see “Too many requests” errors whenever I open the activity log. Apart from the 60 times/hour it polls Slack, the only other times it could be doing anything is if someone visits the page with the badge or signs up. So I’m trying to figure out how it is reaching 4000 requests. Are there any network logs that would tell me what’s going on?

You’re free to add whatever logging you need to in your app. Here’s an example project that uses Winston for example: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/starter-winston?path=server.js:6:1