403 error access Glitch from IFTTT Maker

I get a 403 error when I make a web request from IFTTT Maker to any Glitch URL. It seemed to have started yesterday. Could someone please help?




I’m getting the same 403 error from a webhooks request from IFTTT maker to qlitch URLs. Is there any solution yet?


Pinging services are now banned forever, however, you should reach out to support@glitch.com and see if they can look into whitelisting IFTTT.

Woah, for what reason do you need to use IFTTT with Glitch?

I’ve never really tried IFTTT myself, but I think you can do some cool things with it.

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The webhook that posts all my tweets in my Discord server is powered by IFTTT.

IFTTT can also be used to work with Google Home, Google Assistant and a bunch of other apps (More than 100 if I’m correct). I should get more into IFTTT, I would like to work with this and my Arduino. Might need a Glitch server or run it in localhost on my Rasp. Pi 4…

Ngl it’s a great tool on smartphone, you can make your own vocal commands for Google Assistant in a few clicks.

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