403 forbidden after being logged out

steps to reproduce

edit package.json
refresh using terminal
i then try to refresh the entire glitch tab in chrome after a while
it then says there’s been an error and i should try refreshing the editor
now when i go back to my projects, i discovered that i have been logged out

all login options except magic code give me a 403, and even that is not working

Hi @cybrejon!

I’m not managing to reproduce this - would you mind sharing a link to your project in case there’s a specific issue there?

Sorry for the late reply, it’s now fixed.

I think something is up on my end, specifically my network since GitHub seems to think I’m trying to flood it with requests (see image after this)
I am guessing that the reason behind this may be similar to what have caused my getting 403s in glitch as well.

Other websites has started rate-limiting me as well. I suspect its got something to do with Chrome on my Linux install. Eitherway I appreciate the response, thank you!

The projects i was working on before i got this problem:

Oh good! Thanks for the update, let us know if the problem crops up again!

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I will, thank you!

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