403 Forbidden when trying to make a POST request to one of my projects from another

Hello, I noticed that one of my projects is returning 403 when trying to make a POST request to another of my projects, the project that is sending the request uses PHP and the other uses Node.JS, the request doesn’t even come to the server and is not catched by express. Why is this happening?

POST requests from Glitch project to Glitch project are tricky these days due to the great ping service ban, so that could be causing it.

Also, could you be a bit more clear on the error? Did you get a 404 or 403?

Oh oops, 403.

That must be the problem.

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Wow that sounds crappy

contact support at support@glitch.com because it must be because glitch think it is a ping service

I’ve started having this issue too - even with GET requests between two Glitch projects. It occurs even between two boosted projects.

@glitch_support Is it possible to disable to ping-prevention 403s for boosted projects? It seems that one of my boosted projects has been “IP banned” so it can’t make requests to other projects.

It seems like the ping-prevention stuff should only kick in for non-boosted users/projects.

Hi @joe

I’m sorry that you can’t use pings or webhooks right now - even if the project is boosted. If this changes, we will definitely post an update here in the forum.

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@tasha Okay, thanks for the reply! Just to confirm: It is currently expected behavior to get 403 errors when one boosted project makes a request to another boosted project?

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Yes, at this time it is expected behavior that even boosted projects would get a 403.

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Okay, thanks! Looking forward to when it becomes possible for projects to talk to one another.

I’d love that, its a bit hard to make APIs with Glitch with this.

Hey Joe - can you let me know the two boosted projects that are unable to GET from each other? I raised this issue with our engineering team and they agree that something is not right there and I want to make sure it gets fixed for our users with boosted apps!

If you want to keep it private from the forum, email support@glitch.com so we can handle it there!