404 *.Glitch.me Page

In the past few days i’ve been having an issue where my project’s page would return a 404, i need to restart the project way too many times to get it to work.
i also tried re-mixing and checking if there is anything wrong with express’s listening port.

Project Name: universedigimon

If you share some code, we can take a look at it. Otherwise you’re relying on Glitch staff to decipher your wonderfully private project :slight_smile:

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I don’t think thats an error from my side, since if it was, the page would keep loading infinitelly.
But this time, it doesn’t even load, until i keep re-trying.

The project is not public, @Sudo. Please allow us to view the code in order to get better help.

please @Sudo share a code snippet so we all can help you

I changed from private To public, sorry for the late answer, i’ve been busy with home-projects.

Hello @Sudo, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Sorry you’re having trouble. Can you share which URL you were visiting that you were getting a 404?

Thanks, i was receiving the 404 at my Project’s glitch.me page, but now it is fixed i don’t really know what happened i haven’t even touched the express server code.