404 not found in opt? Help plz

ERROR 404 Not Found: https://codeload.github.com/hydrabolt/discord.js/tar.gz/ab3a43919890f0a45812fd91788ea911a106f937

9:29 PM

a few seconds ago

/opt/watcher/app-types/node/start.sh: line 43: null: command not found

Where is it even trying to pull this stuff from?!?!

There were a few issues. You had specified a version of discord.js in your package.json file that’s hosted on the ‘hydrabolt’ repo. This repo no longer exists. You also didn’t have the required start command in your package.json file, and you hadn’t included the used Express module in your package.json file either.

It’s now erroring on the use of process.env.token in your settings.json file. You can’t use environment variables in a JSON file - you’ll need to include your token here or reference is using process.env.token in the server-side code directly. The latter is preferable for security reasons.

Okay. Ty (also the token in the process.env rn isnt the actual token :joy:) It was cloned from an open source git so I didn’t know where the errors were from :sweat_smile: