408 error but bot working

I’m using a site that pings my glitch.me project. The site shows that there’s a 408 error on pinging the site but the bot works. Is it a bug or what?

408 is time-out of the request. So there is a time out value set shorter than the time it takes to the load the page. Are you able to access the “public” page of your project?

If you mean the glitch.me site as the public page then yes it does load

Are you still getting said message? Are you using uptime Robot? Make sure it rechecks every 5 mins.

Yes, I keep getting 408 and 503 error. But it’s not the same on my other project.

Hey @Daksh777 it would be helpful to know your project name. The name of the project that’s working fine might also be useful.

Here’s the project name: raelynnlilaah-vulnix-1

Hi @Daksh777 what you’re running into here is that you don’t have anything listening for the pings from UptimeRobot. It’s pretty common in Glitch to use Express for this kind of thing, and this sample express config is a good starting point. Adding that (and adding Express to your package.json file) will mean that https://raelynnlilaah-vulnix-1.glitch.me/ will start responding to requests from UptimeRobot and that will keep your bot running.

Hope this helps!