500 error fetching glitch assets



One of my glitch assets, https://cdn.glitch.com/b3384a4b-72a7-4d1e-9839-98acf912077a%2FJude%20Allred's%20Resume.pdf?1547519339967

is returning 500 errors:

It definitely worked a month or so ago, and there haven’t been changes to the site between then and now.

…I’ll work around this by reuploading the asset with a different name, just capturing this bug report here in case it was is use to you.

All the best,
– Jude


Hey @jude thanks for the report. I’m able to GET a resource at that url now, so I wonder if there was an S3 oddity of some sort?

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I am also getting the error from the URL, it is not likely that it is a problem with your project, but we cannot know for sure, can you provide the project name that this asset is uploaded on.

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It’s working now for me, so looks like it was a transient thing.

Project is allred-nyc.glitch.me

Best wishes,

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I mean it’s certainly not an issue with the project – it’s the CDN url :slight_smile:


It seems to be working now aswell, could have just been some small error that resolved itself, if it occurs again, then let us know!

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