500 error on one site

{“statusCode”:500,“error”:“Internal Server Error”,“message”:“An internal server error occurred”}

This started about an hour ago but on one of two sites that are running identical copies of the project both pulled within minutes from a GitHub project of mine.

The one I have designated as “production” has the error. Interestingly the server is running because it responds to routes that don’t connection to the db. There is nothing conceivably different about them except possibly for the Glitch server hosting it. Any ideas? Anyone notice an issue in the last couple of hours?

Possibly more information but it doesn’t explain the difference too well. I downloaded both projects and tried to run them. They couldn’t find a package named dotenv for reading the .env file which is no doubt why it couldn’t find my database.

So the question then is “why couldn’t it find it all of sudden” and maybe “why in only one of the two identical projects”?

Well here is my suggestion should it happen to you and nothing else works. Luckily set up is fast and easy. I set up a new project, imported from GitHub and tested things. It worked. Renamed the broken one, rename the new one and we’re back in business.

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