504 Error related to start.sh

Hi, when I try to access my project’s url, wavywavy.glitch.me, I see a 504 error. When I check my logs I see an error related to start.sh. I saw in another question that it had to do with some code on Glitch’s end – how can I go about getting this fixed?

Just for sure, your project has an “start” script in package.json?

This probably means that your project isn’t starting successfully.
What is the error message?

The error message is
/etc/app-types/static/start.sh: line 11: ws: command not found

And no, I have no package.json. Only a script.js.

The link to edit is: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/wavywavy

May be an error on glitch end :thinking: or you created an node.js project with static website files, so glitch wants a package.json file with an start script on it and you project does not have one

It is an error on our end. Your project is running now.

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Hey tim can you check out my project?
i am having an start.sh error too

Not unless you tell me the project name :slight_smile:

Hi @Tim, Thanks in advance for your help!
I’m writing because a simple personal website I recently created no longer works (though I’ve already linked it to a work page, so I’m hoping to resolve this soon!)
I receive the 504 “Gateway Time-Out” error after taking longer than usual to try to load the site.
My code says there’s an error (doesn’t seem to recognize the command), and at the top next to show it says “off”.
For reference, my project is https://polar-firewall.glitch.me.
Thank you so much @Tim!

Your project is fixed now. We’re still working on tracking this problem down, so if anybody else runs into it, let us know.

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Wow @Tim, I am so impressed by and grateful for your speedy response and helpful fix!
Many thanks.
What exactly did you do to solve that error, anyways?

Sometimes the setup on one of our servers goes wrong, and some files are missing. I moved the projects on that one to another server.


Hi Tim, how are you?
Tim, my project have same problem.
Can you help me?