504 from Github Hello World Remix



I get a 504 , after clicking ‘show’

I have not made any changes

This is a remix from


Did you follow all the steps in the readme? Your project won’t work until it has been configured.



It’s step 1


The point of step 1 is to get the project URL. Your project doesn’t yet need to be in a working state to do that. Regardless of the error shown, you can copy the URL from the address bar.

If that’s a problem for you, you can also get the project-name from the top-left Project Info menu in the editor or from the editor URL - the part after edit/#!/. The URL to add into GitHub will have the format: https://project-name.glitch.me.


Makes sense.
I can submit a pr to update that step as its confusing to get an error page (and I’ve been a developer.for 15 years :slight_smile: .


Great, I’m sure the ProBot team will be happy to receive it.


I think also the flag here, is that - I had never used Glitch before, at all… I just clicked an external link - and so I didn’t know what to expect.

Having custom error messages like ‘it looks like you need to configure your file, or there’s something wrong with your configuration file’ would be a better message.


Thanks Emma, this all sounds like great feedback for the Probot team. To be clear, this is a project hosted on Glitch created by Probot. While we replied to your support request with advice, we have no control or input on the content or functionality of projects that others create on Glitch.