504 Gateway Time-out after refresh

Hey folks, I was building a fun little api and the server went all screwy and it asked for a refresh. This led to the code that I was writing getting all borked, which was annoying but not too surprising as this is Beta after all. Anyway, I fixed my code again and now I cannot connect to my app to test it. It seems to be attempting to wake up my machine but fails with either “cannot connect to proxy” error message or a 504 Gateway Time-out message. I checked your service status and it is green across the board.

Anyway, here is my project: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/adjective

Any ideas?

I’m not seeing the problem right now. I can get to the editor, and viewing the project seems to work okay. Could you be having a network issue?

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Yep, its all fixed now. ugh. My fault, completely.