504 Gateway Timeout for Ruby on Rails App

I am getting 504 gateway timeout errors trying to view my Ruby on Rails app. It used to work perfectly. Link: http://peach-bristle-aries.glitch.me/.

I remixed a copy and notice the project was giving a “Server is already running” error. To fix this, run rm -rf tmp/pids. This sort of gets the project to work. The log then shows that a 500 error is thrown on start. - - [16/Dec/2020:14:42:53 UTC] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 500 59978

After some research on SO, you need to add this to your config/development.rb file:

config.web_console.whitelisted_ips = '' // whatever IP you want to whitelist

And bam:

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It fixed the error in the logs but I still get 504 errors. :confused: