504 gateway timeout

this project was running fine locally but i’m having trouble deploying to glitch (picnic.glitch.me).

i’m getting a server error that looks like:

ERROR  can not read a block mapping entry; a multiline key may not be an implicit key at line 14, column 22:
immutability-helper: 2.7.1

immutability-helper was originally in my package.json as a dependency but i was actually not using it in the project. i removed it from package.json and tried to run pnpm prune in the console to remove from node_modules but got the same error. i also get this error every time i try to run pnpm install in the console. i tried enable-pnpm but that didn’t help either (keep getting same error)

any ideas how to fix this?


I can’t reproduce the listed error when remixing, so hopefully just blowing away the node_modules folder will help. Try

rm -rf node_modules/* node_modules/.*

and then