9b - Send uncrackable 9 byte messages to your friends

Project URL: https://9b.glitch.me (9 bytes)

Send uncrackable 9 byte messages to your friends

How does it work? You enter your message into the first box, click “Encode”, and copy the 9 byte code that comes up in the second box. Then you have 2 options.

  1. Share it with your friend and tell them to enter it into the first box and click “Decode”.

  2. Send them a link like https://9b.glitch.me/#sharecode and it will do the work for them.

When they do that, they will see the secret message that you have entered. The message will then be deleted and nobody will be able to view it.

Lol i made this in like 1 day


Thats pretty neat! Thanks for sharing!


Looks really cool and nice UI!




Well technically this won’t be secret because it’s stored in a database

And also, the term “uncrackable” is misused hence the data isn’t secured/encrypted with a user-given key or public/private keys.

  1. why does the database matter? when it is viewed in any way the message will be permanently deleted
  2. by uncrackable i mean there is no visible relationship between the code and the message

I would recommend you disable downloading to prevent bruteforce (a bit)

Ex. If you visit 9b.glitch.me/3289489 it would download the message at 3289489

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how would you do that? my browser atuo-downloads links with content and without an ending like .txt or .html

What browser do you use? I use chrome.

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Odd… I suppose you could also just view it with cURL too.

agreed!!! Fast loading also you could make this into a simple app you can install onto your phone

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ok, ill think about it!

this will get you on a journey 874662659