A bit more freedom

I think we should have a little more freedom for developers, I mean by this being able to delete domains and general maintenance tasks staff can do usually.

It could be a paid feature, but I am NOT ASKING FOR SUDO.

hi! yes, we definitely know there are quite a few things we want users to be able to do self-service. besides domain deletion, what are some other tasks that you wish you could do on your own - understanding general interest helps us prioritize product changes!

Hi @jenn, Can you help me removing my node_modules folder. I’m having an issue with one of my packages and maybe it’s good to have a fresh node_modules folder. I already tried rm -rf node_modules but that didn’t worked. Send me a PM if you want to have my project name so you can look at the issue.

Hey @Jarvo, try doing rm -r node_modules!

Already did but that didn’t worked…

They have to remove the official node_modules in order to let it install again. And that is why I need @cori or @jenn.

Perhaps rm -rf /app/node_modules ?

Didn’t tried that yet. Will do. Thanks :smiley:

Nope, that didn’t worked.

Does the node_modules folder still exist?

How can I check that?

Do ls in the console.

it would also be nice to roll back a project to a backup version (it seems like Glitch staff have access to a more powerful Rewind? for when a project becomes corrupted)

hi @jenn

Some developers would like the feature to

  • access backups from glitch
  • delete domains
  • clear junk files to save space (Like ‘delete cache’ or ‘check for junk files’ like thumbnails)
  • general server functions (start, stop, restart)

The delete domains part would be a great feature and would cause less support tickets!


it would free up space on the forum i think

Or there should be an appeal form when a project gets suspended. And a switch IP request button for discord bots.

yes, like when it says your project was suspended it should say think this is a mistake? appeal here

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SSH access would be nice too.

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