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i want to make a video sharing website where the minimum age you have to be to create content is only 8 years old. But, i cant start coding without enough knowledge. Here are some things i need to know.
How do i make it so you can post videos, With the title beneath?
How can you watch posted videos when you click the video?

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i don’t plan finishing this with my spare time, though.


I’d start with number 2, at first you make a website where you can watch a video. Not user posted videos, but one video.

These days it seems not too complicated. Take a look at this reference:

Next design a system for storing the video file and title (possibly other info too) for the videos on your site. Don’t worry about writing code to add to this storage, don’t even worry about displaying a video stored this way yet. Just come up with a way in which it will be stored such that your app could read existing videos and write new videos. Look into this help page for ideas on what’s available:

You’ll have to choose one and learn how to use it.

After that, I suggest you manually add a few items to the storage as if some videos already exist. Work on combining the work you did on displaying a video with the information about the stored videos.

Often people design this by coming up parts of HTML code that stays the same and parts that vary based on what video the user wants to watch (e.g. the title and the URL of a video file). They use libraries to load those varying parts from a database and to combine the varying parts with the parts that stay the same. Take a look at this starter site for an example of that:

The last step before having a working prototype is to finish up number 1, where you set up the interface for users to post videos. For that, you can start with learning how to make a “form,” which refers to laying out some parts of a webpage for users to enter information and learning how to make your app process that information, i.e. saving it in the storage that you designed earlier. There’s an example of a form in this starter project:

To that, you’ll need add a “file” input to take the video file. See this reference page on those:


Please also note that you would have to comply with Child Privacy Laws (such as COPPA) in order to run your service.

I’d also recommend consider checking out wh’s snail CLI project to learn how to upload files to Glitch’s CDN for free.

Consider looking in to SQL and databases too.

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I’m curious but do we think someone is going to create a site for the upload of videos where (to paraphrase) “the minimum age is 8 years old”? Wouldn’t storage limits on Glitch be encountered fairly quickly?

And why 8? What will the 7 year olds do? Doesn’t the question sound fishy at best?

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Depends on what OP wants to achieve. With 500MB of CDN storage, you can upload more than 100 small videos.

I stand corrected :slight_smile:

Considering I made my Google Account when I was like 7, I would imagine other 7 year olds will just fake their age like basically everyone else.

DISCLAIMER: You should REALLY not put a fake age if you aren’t old enough for something. The admins set a minimum age for a reason. You should ask your parents before making an account online anyways

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