A full visual studio code running inside glitch?

I personally love glitch.
When I am not able to use a full IDE (eg I’m in school), I always use it.
But it has some downsides compared to an offline IDE. (extensions, code formatting, advanced debugger, multi-language support)
As you may know, someone has ported the full visual studio code to run inside the browser.
The whole thing can be run as a single executable file that is published here:
I downloaded it with wget and started in.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any open port that is mapped to the outside world
Also my nodejs script to connect port 3000 and 3001 makes my browser stuck in an infinite HTTP 301 loop.
Will we get an another port to the outside world, or a forkable project with visual studio code?

Hi @tomitheninja, welcome to the Glitch forum and thanks for the suggestion!

We don’t have any current plans to open additional ports on the project containers, but you might be able to get that project running using something like https://www.npmjs.com/package/http-proxy as described in What's the port range users have at Glitch?.

If I read you correctly you’re also having a problem with a specific project. If that’s so would you be willing to open a new topic describing that particular problem?