A ghost project (of mine) shadowing another project

Hi support and others,

Here’s a funny thing I’ve noticed. A week or so ago I created a project called starter, then at some point I edited the name to be ga-starter. This was fine, then I realised that the first name was pretty awesome, so I tried to rename it back to starter.

At this point the editor told me that name was already taken. Okay, that’s cool - someone had the same idea as me right after I did … or perhaps not.

The funny thing about it is that it still exists but still points to exactly the same project. If you load up the two URLs (see below) it shows the same project. It doesn’t seem to be a remix held perhaps temporarily, since if I edit ga-starter the exact same changes are also reflected in both URLs. :slight_smile: It seems that the load balancer or indeed the database is pointing both project names at the same project.

This may be related to “Project deleted, copy can’t take the project’s old name”#2 Another request also, but I’m not sure.

I guess there are two things here. The first is whether you want to investigate and see if something is wrong (I’m not sure whether you designed it that way or not) and the second is if I could get the starter name to be the correct name for the app, rather than the ga-starter. Don’t worry about this second point if you’re not worried about - it’s more a nice to have (for me!). :smiley_cat:

When you rename a project, we attempt to redirect requests from the old name to the new name, so that’s why you see the same thing at both addresses. The reason you can’t rename back to starter is that someone else did take that name. It looks like we have a bug in that code, so you can’t see the real project called starter right now.

Hi @chilts,

we figured out the issue, and it is already fixed – but it still occurs for old projects. In your case, the starter project was deleted in October, before we released the fix. You can now rename ga-starter to starter :slight_smile:

Hi @etamponi, awesome, thanks for figuring that out for me. Now renamed to ‘starter’ and happy to get it. :slight_smile:

Thanks also @Tim however I knew that wasn’t the case since it wasn’t doing the redirect, it was showing the exact same thing with both projects (starter wasn’t redirecting to ga-starter, nor the other way around).