A Glitch Project hosted at a subdomain of the subdomain of another glitch project has been keeping my project on 24/7, and now I have 200 hours racked up on the project

There has been some sort of keep-alive glitch app that has been keeping my project on 24/7, and now I have 200 hours racked up on the project.

After looking on a project monitor I had set up called New Relic, I found a glitch project hosting at a.lc.glitch.me was the culprit. I’m wondering if there is a way to figure out the origin of the glitch project in question since the lc.glitch.me project that fell victim to the subdomain of a subdomain thing is probably not related to this. (Glitch has their projects set up in a way that allows a user to host another glitch project under a subdomain of a glitch project [Or in this case, a subdomain of a subdomain])

Can the project in question hosting itself at this sub-subdomain be taken down? I’d prefer the project in question to not burn up all of my hours on this.

(This may be from another kid at the school I go to since the acronym for my school is LC, but I’m not sure.)

It went down an hour ago, and in my stupidity I was testing how they put it there and used THE SAME DOMAIN THEY USED.

if this is the domain that appears, please don’t ban it: https://lc-bell-schedule-api.glitch.me/ This is the project domain that was being pinged.

ooh how do you do that?

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Strange, never heard of that! :thinking:

You just set a custom domain to a subdomain of another glitch project.

I.E. {your project}.{their project}.glitch.me


@glitch_support Is this a expected functionality? Or is it a bug? Is there any way of reporting a project with a domain like this?

Hi there, this is a strange one! @ABUCKY could you provide a bit more detail about where you got the information about the domain with “a.lc” in it? Having had a quick look I’m not seeing any project that would map to that domain (or understanding how it would happen!)

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Glitch probably uses wildcard domains, which in something like cloudflare would look something like this: *.glitch.me or [*].glitch.me. Glitch projects uses the same DNS routing in glitch that a custom domain uses.

This means that a glitch project, because it uses glitch.edgeapp.net, can set a custom domain to be a subdomain of another project, and because glitch doesn’t host anything there automatically (Site Not Found page), a project can take it over.

i.e. Say I have a domain called abucky.glitch.me. I could go into the custom domain settings of another project and set a custom domain to something like anything.abucky.glitch.me and it would work.

You can see a live example of this on ex.otherhost.glitch.me.

“Victim Site”: otherhost.glitch.me
“Main Site”: otherhost-ex.glitch.me
“Custom Subdomain”: ex.otherhost.glitch.me

The site under main site should be hosting a custom domain at ex.otherhost.glitch.me.


Wow, interesting! Is this a intended feature @glitch_support?

cool find! interesting that their https cert generation doesn’t work on these sites

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Just an update that the team is looking into this. I’ve only been able to find one project that had the domain added and it’s the one you mentioned above @ABUCKY that you’d added it to temporarily for testing, so I haven’t been able to find a Glitch project causing this so far, but we’re looking into the custom domains functionality to see if we can find out more. Might be later this week before we have a more useful update for you!


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