A look at the projects on one server

Project URL: https://server-neighbors.glitch.me/

Here’s a quick little curiosity. Those loop devices in /dev/loopXX are other project filesystems I think. In this project, we look at those projects co-placed in whatever server this project comes up on. And I whipped up a script to get the name and description for any of those projects that are public. Have a look, it’s like a little gallery curated by the mysterious algorithms that keep Glitch running.


I’ll be honest, I was expecting to be rickrolled.

Woah, this is amazing!


Very cool!

That’s an understatement, haha. This is more like amazing or god-level stuff.

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Could you add a slow down for the requests it seems like every time you visit it, more than 100 requests will be fired off to the glitch api