A module's promise never resolve in glitch


The following code works on repl.it & runkit.com & my computer, but the login function is always pending in glitch only.

const { PixivDesktopApi } = require('pixiv-client')



Hi @maple3142, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce your problem - if I spin up a new project, add "pixiv-client":"*" to the dependencies in package.json, paste the code above into a new file, and have node run that file on startup I get a big mass of json in my logs as I would expect.

Are you seeing any errors in your Status pane (open this by clicking on the Status button under your project’s name and it’ll show at the bottom of your window)? Can you share your package.json file content or your project’s name? so we can take a look?