A new Glitch.new

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know that today we launched a whole new version of our shortcut, Glitch.new. Inspired by the feedback and requests from the community since its initial release, we’ve added more shortcuts for the Glitch starters, public apps by you and the community, and even Github repo imports.

You can check out our announcement here on the blog to learn more, and start using Glitch.new right now!


it’s just an upgrade version of “glitch.com”, right?

no, it’s an easy way to create a project on glitch.com


Just wanted to jump in and lend my thanks and congratulations for the new use of https://glitch.new

The “URL bar as a command line” idea is a pretty cool one (I know it’s not new :blush:), but it relies on having easy, memorable URLs. And I think you’ve nailed that with this upgrade.

Previously, I could never remember the ‘remix’ URL structure; I’d have to go and find a button in Glitch to do it (not always easy)

Now I know I can spin up a copy of my favourite templates as easily as https://glitch.new/~ste-vue (hey that rhymes)

The other thing I’ve used a couple of times since this relaunch is to copy a GitHub repo URL, strip off the scheme, and run it as https://glitch.new/github.com/stegriff/stock-clicker (for example). This is so easy to remember and to execute.

So… big thanks to the team for making this feature so much better! :guitar::t_rex::guitar::t_rex::guitar::t_rex:


Yeah, and I would love to see it used with ~github-imports

hey, thanks for sharing that simple vue starter!

welp, i’ve lost my regular status.