A new name and backend

We’ve got a few changes that we wanted to let you folks know about ahead of everybody else.

A new name

HyperDev is now Gomix. It’s the same, great tool that lets anybody build an app, but now with a name that’s more welcoming to all. The problem with HyperDev was that ‘Dev’ word. Not everyone wanting to create things and solve problems with code is a developer. And nor should they want or need to be.

While Gomix is the easiest way for professional developers to get their ideas in front of others, it’s not just for developers. If you’ve ever changed a formula in a spreadsheet or edited HTML for a blog post, then you can create an app using Gomix. We wanted to make that clearer from the outset.

But, that’s not all that’s changed.

A new backend

We know that the promise of Gomix can only truly be delivered with rock-solid stability. So far we haven’t always been able to provide that. That’s why we’ve built a new backend that re-thinks what Gomix needs to be from the ground up.

It gives us greater stability and scalability so that we can be more responsive and iterate quicker on new features. And we hope its performance will give you the confidence to focus on what you do best - creating amazingly innovative and useful things.

Fewer restrictions

We also wanted to make Gomix feel more like your own thing that you can do what you want with. So projects now have a persistent file system, just like your local machine. Previously you could only write to the /tmp directory and that would get regularly erased, forcing you to look to third-party databases for long-term storage. But sometimes you just want to make things work. So now you can use files as a flat file database, or save your database files locally (see our SQLite3 and NeDB examples). You can of course still use third-party storage services, like a hosted MongoDB database or Redis (see our MongoDB example).

Your data is secure - we provide the ability to create a folder called ‘.data’, which acts as a safe place to store your database files. This folder isn’t copied across when a project is remixed.

What’s more - you can now set the name of your projects and add descriptions and avatars to help you customize them.

With the new name, backend, and features, we hope to make Gomix your go-to option to build and launch apps.

Thanks for supporting us along the way!


Congratulations! I’m more excited than ever and will get used to the name Gomix any minute now. (:

Just to make sure, you’re pronouncing it like “go mix”, right? Not to rhyme with, say, “comics”, though that would be kinda cool too.

Thanks! That’s right - “go mix”

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Nice, now my HyperDev shirt is a collector’s item!