A new project issues


setting up a new account at Glitch I have issues displaying my project after I click Show button, either in a new window or editor tab.
It just doesn’t load. No matter the amount of time.

Anyone experiencing the same ?


Hi @JanEdelmann, welcome to the Glitch forum!

There’s a pretty good chance this has something to do with how your project is configured. Can you share the project name so folks can take a look?

It’s basically a ‘blank’ project page for www.freecodecamp.org

Part of the Node.js project.

MOD EDIT: removed invite token

Hi @JanEdelmann can you let me know how you created that project, specifically? Basically what’s happening is that your project’s package.json is telling Glitch to run a file called server.js, but no such file exists. If you followed directions from FreeCodeCamp I’d like to take a look and see if there’s something wrong along the lines somewhere.



Just followed the instructions …

Hey, had time to take a look ?