A new topic for category and upcoming projects

Yet another topic about an undone project that is coming soon.

I feel it is time this is implemented soon


I mean, even if it’s upcoming, it is a project. And- the way you worded that kinda sounded like a personal attack pointed at me. How you worded that made it sound like “Ugh, why didn’t they just use my topic for this??? Geez, they need to put this in now.” So, yeah…

Its nothing personal against you, we all just want to have a separate category for upcoming projects vs completed projects. There is a big difference.


Hi, I’m really sorry if you felt like this was an attack against you, that was not my intention, the purpose of my post was to point out that we need a separate place for upcoming projects and projects that are already finished.


Here’s what I am thinking.

  1. #the-gallery for completed non-Glitch projects
  2. #the-glitch-gallery for completed Glitch projects
  3. #looking-for-help for projects looking for contributers (this isn’t looking for spoonfeeding however)
  4. #the-idea-factory for new projects ideas for community collaboration and thoughts.

What that is great, #the-gallery has already been used for a lot of Glitch projects, maybe non-glitch projects can get a different one, or stay in the same cateogry?


Bump, still a good idea.


I included this in the mail to Glitch. Hope they implement this soon :slight_smile:


I included in a mail to Glitch a long time ago (that one I sent via DM @ihack2712) and they never have implemented it :frowning_face:


Yeah… Have they actually ever implemented something from feature ideas?


:b:🆄:m:︎Ⓟ cause this is a great idea

My school blocked duckduckgo

DuckDuckGo has a lot of mirrors:


Ok. Thanks!

Also it doesn’t make sense why the school would block it because since you cant change history then they would see the URL “duckduckgo.com/your+search+term+here”.

There are ways to send POST requests to DDG to mask your history.

Ok. Thanks! ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

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my school has a firewall- search terms with words referring to stuff like s__ are auto-blocked by the school
esafety gone a bit too far some may think

@ihack2712 I guess your wish was kind of granted, but now we have no ability to make these posts at all :joy:
RIP Glix Thread (2020-2020)


Yeah, I just saw it got closed. But that was a fair adjustment! I’ll come out to y’all when it’s ready :slight_smile:

As @EddiesTech mentioned; creating topics for upcoming projects are no longer allowed on the forum, which was announced.

  • Posts designed to advertise a “work in progress” (WIP)

An Important Note About Posting Projects

Which also kind of automatically makes this topic useless, so everyone who voted for this can unvote and put their votes to better use!

Have a good day :slight_smile:

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