A note on Glitch Staff Impersonation

Just wanted to reinstate that Glitch staff DO NOT JOIN OTHER FORUMS!

If they have, you are getting scammed.

Sadly, staff impersonation is becoming more common.

If you would like to verify a Glitch staff member, send an email to support@glitch.com.




That grammer though. (I know it is spelled grammar. It is a joke) That was a big clue.

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Don’t think the CEO would speak like that! :laughing:


I think you should mention the sheild next to their name. It is one of the ways to verify they are a staff member.


It should also be noted that this was on another forum, but you make a good point.

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I just have to literally laugh out loud for these idiots!

Impersonation can really get stupid sometimes

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@RiversideRocks, I was looking through and found this


That was my old glitch username and everything.

plus whoever is using that is also using transparent.png

my glitchord name is alt and I never changed that

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Very odd.

We banned that user a week ago, if it makes you feel any better. :slight_smile:

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So, I think they came back

Edit: They had a Base32 message. It decoded to this:

my name is elizabeth Lee. i come from very rich family.

i will tell you all of my secrets. i use guerrillamail.com and fowardemail to encrypt my emails. i buy bots to spam forums on mc-market. i live in seoul south korea. i use tor project vpn.

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its sad that people actually consider making other peoples lives miserable just for fun


At least your schools website doesn’t use ColdFusion.

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Wait, this is starting to get off-topic.

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I’ve had my fair share of encounters with the fake Tasha. At first it seems that it is the actual Tasha (I’ll explain why in a moment) but if you read the posts sent by the fake Tasha, you’ll notice a lot of differences, both in grammar and speech, when compared to the original Tasha.

What I could understand from this was that the impersonator knew Tasha’s and Jenn’s way of typing but not too well. The impersonator knew Tasha’s way of typing better than Jenn’s, but again not quite well. Because, Jenn is legendary for typing completely in lowercase, using contractions in her sentences (like “y’all”) and often inserting humour into her posts, none of which the impersonator did, as evident from the screenshot in the original post.

As for Tasha, Tasha’s post are very welcoming, friendly and always typed in sentence case which makes it look very formal, but at the same time friendly. Often finishes a post with “Happy Glitching” which was the only thing that the impersonator got right. And most often begins with “Hey ‘yournamehere’”.

From the Glitchchord forum

This fake Tasha did their job well in convincing me that it was the real Tasha, although I did yell that I’m against Glitch Staff impersonation at first. (I can’t find that post anymore, it seems to have been removed).

In case you wanna verify me, message me on Twitter and follow me (which is what someone here on this forum once did to verify themselves :joy::wink:)

Hence proved.


Wow. Did you know that for a long time, or just noticed it. That data is actually pretty accurate. But, another way to verify is to ask for a domain removal. A domain removal is something exclusive to staff, so it would prove they are staff.

I’ve been on this forum for almost a year now and I’ve been visiting everyday so I’ve noticed this for a long time.

Not everyone knows the Glitchcord support forum. @17lwinn



Honestly, the fake tasha did a pretty good job. Hats off to them.


what’s your handle? I can verify that I am a nobody who doesn’t use Glitchord and has an account on that forum for new reason. heh.
The create account page for Glitchord was pretty damn slick though

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