A scam website that is against ROBLOX's rules

I beleive that https://robuxme.glitch.me/ is a scam website. Even if it isn’t, it’s against ROBLOX’s rules.


(I don’t know what category this should do under)

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I’ve tracked down the Roblox Account of the scammer, 4TriX, and I’ve filed a report to Roblox’s Trust and Safety team.
As for the scam site itself, we will have to wait for Glitch staff to take it down.
I checked the code, and there was no JavaScript involved, so this might have been a work in progress scam site.
Either way, scam sites are illegal. Even though authorities wont be involved, this user certainly wont keep that project for much longer.

Either way,
Mentioning you just in case.


For a tempoary take-down you could “mini” DoS attack. Projects have 4000 pings/hour however there’s this “wriggle” room and I unfortunatley don’t know that.

@cori please take a look at this.

I found another one: https://robuxgen2019.glitch.me/

This one is definitely a scam…

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Hey folks, thanks for the reports.

We can’t be responsible for violations the Roblox Terms of Service, but these projects both seem deceptive, and that is a violation of Glitch’s Terms of Service, so I’ve suspended both projects.

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