A Sneaky Way To Store Data

If you go to a public school, you most likely have a Google Ed account. Fun thing about these, you can store over a whole terabyte. Most I have seen is 5. You can use this space to store items. If you don’t want them to be found or figured out, you can hash the file. Taking advantage of this will allow you to store backups endlessly. Or even map a site and use it as a CDN. The things you can do with this are endless.

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I will note something. Make sure that this does not break the school rules. My school doesn’t care as long as it isn’t 18+ content. Every school is different. Stay out of trouble. :smiley:

Changed the title cause there was a typo! :slight_smile:
I think I have this and space on ‘the H Drive’ (a network drive that’s mapped to H) so I regularly save stuff I need there and go on the RDP to get it back. They also have Photoshop on the RDP so I use that too


Your school has RDP? Are they really advanced?

I don’t think so. I thought it was pretty standard. Not many students use it though. Teachers on Mac use it since SIMS.Net doesn’t work on them. I’m pretty they just turned on Remote Desktop on the server. However, we do have to use some sort of gateway thing. I think that’s because I would not actually be connected to the network.

Wish schools in India had such features. We’re still stuck at Windows 7 and Windows XP in some places.


My school has never heard of such technology. This is something that should be a standard in most schools.

We run on like a mix between 8 and 10.

You can always encrypt the data (like .zip files with passpharse) so only you can access it (and not the school)

how do you recover the file if it’s hashed?

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De-hash it.

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Use our memory to good use to decode the hash, since it is one way

or go onto glitch and put your hash and secrets in .env

What’s RDP and the H drive?

I was working with the Nodejs crypto module last week and thought about turning it into an API. It would be difficult to pass a 10,000 loc array into a URL though…

You know that hashing is a one-way function right? A hash cannot be undone, only tested against some data.

I think what you’re trying to say is encrypting the file maybe?


Yes. I am. I wrote this at 12:00 in the morning cause I couldn’t sleep.

which hash???

If you look at this comment. You will undestand.

you can’t dehash something though, unless you put it in a database when you had hashed it

and also, it seems like I have infinite storage…

time to kill google drive

Do you mean decrypt it? Because usually hashes are
usually one-way.

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