A Tools Box for Tools


Now that the Glitch editor is over four years old it has way more features than it used to. So we’ve reorganized things to make the core editing experience less noisy, and to make advanced tools feel more consistent to find and use.

A new Tools button at the bottom of the editor now contains the old ‘Advanced Options’ (reworked into Git, Import, and Export ), as well as helpful debugging tools like Logs and Console, and infrequently-used project features like Custom Domains.

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Hello, the Tools button is cool as it organises the tools but it blocks files if the list is too long and as far as i know i have to press the button to access the logs instead of having a logs button. Will there be a way to move the button or have the logs button or revert back to the old layout? Thanks.


Hey all, we released a few fixes to the new Tools Box today that fix the issue of hiding the last file in the file list and closing the pop-up when you select an item from the list, as well as a few other small tweaks. We don’t have any plans to move the Logs button back to where it was for now or to offer that as an option.

New Buttons on Glitch