A website that creates a project and opens its terminal

Project URL: Practice — Snail

Hey, did you notice how when you open the editor, it now has the embedded preview shown by default?

That means as soon as the remixing is done, we can do stuff in the client side, such as telling other frames what the new project name is (Provide your own name when remixing? - #11 by wh0).

And having a site receive what the new project name is can be useful. We’ve earlier known about embedding a given project’s terminal in an iframe (Glitch console, everywhere I think), but that had limited applicability because only project members could make use of it. And if you told people to remix it, you wouldn’t know what the remixed project’s name was. But now you do, so you can embed the terminal of their remixed project :grinning:

I’ve also added some logic to put the name into localStorage, so people can return to the page later and pick up where they left off, with all their files still there.

Anyway, it’s a practice exercise for a command line tool that I’ve been building (My CLI for Glitch is called 'snail' 🐌).