Ability to permanently delete projects

I’ve read this before

and I think adding a button to clear and permanently delete specific/all deleted projects would be helpful, the only way to currently “permanently delete a project” is to leave it, but they just dissappear from the profile page and the code still shows without an owner, which takes the name and of course, doesn’t really delete it.

It’s true that we still have the data, but it’s not true that it still takes the name. The code also shouldn’t show anymore. If you refresh the editor, you shouldn’t see anything.

Are you seeing different behavior? Is there some reason that you care if we still have backups of the code?

Nope, that’s not what I actually meant,

I meant there is no way to delete the “deleted projects”, as you see below,

The only way to completely remove them from the profile page is to leave them, which results in this :

The name “whispering-moth” is still taken and the code is accessible via the url - but without an owner

What I’m suggesting is

  • Making users unable to leave projects if there aren’t other members
  • Adding the ability to permanent deleting for each project or just a “clear” option to clear the deleted projects