Ability to request the creation of specific types of template/starter projects


I really like that Glitch has all the starter projects it has. I think it would be great to have a specific standard place or method within the app for people to request specific types of projects they’d like to have a template/starter for if there isn’t one built already.


Feel free to suggest projects you’d like to see here on the forum and we’ll do our best to facilitate. Also, other community members will be able to pitch in where they have interest too then.


I would love to see starters that are like the existing starter but with a bit more of a standard/basic front end. Like this one https://html-starter.glitch.me/ and more like it.

My purpose would be educational; I learned backend pretty well by messing with a bajilions of your current starter projects, but I’ve still learned very little about front end and still build these insane .jade templates with totally nuts logic in them and then do stuff with jquery like replace the entire body of my page with whatever I’ve grabbed from some apis

$.get(’/:ox:, (response){

$(’:department_store: ').html(response);



I’d be particularly interested in seeing a demo with Brunch.js and a demo (with either Brunch or Webpack) with code compilation happening for both back-end and front-end (e.g. a backend with TypeScript and a front-end with JSX or Elm or similar).