Ability to select asset url from a dropdown when you're not in the assets folder

If you’re working on a project with a bunch of assets, and you need to put the asset’s URL into your code, it’s quite time-consuming to have to go back to the assets folder each time to copy the URL over.

It would be great to have a quick way to reference them from the other project files (e.g. perhaps typing url(’ could trigger a searchable drop-down of the contents of the assets folder, or something like that).

Loving Glitch overall though of course, thanks for creating such an awesome service!

Thanks for the suggestion. We have a few ideas for how we might be able to do this and we hope to get to it in the future.

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sounds great - thanks!

Strong +1 to this idea, I was about to open my own request for this.
I would design it as having the Assets item in the left nav bar be expandable showing all assets and having a “copy URL” button against each one.
Mock up:
Screenshot from 2022-05-31 16-35-44


(sorry mr. bump) Great idea!!!