Ability to tag current version / mark current version with a name

It would be great to be able to have something like “save points” in a glitch
So while I’m coding away, code, code, code, bam! Something works!
Tag it as "boom got messages endpoint working"
Then realize that I might be able to do it a simpler way. Code, code, code, shoot, I completely broke it.
Open the save points / tag viewer, click to restore back, and try something else.

I kinda half do that using the advanced features to sync back and forth on the glitch branch on Github but it’s not as seamless. Also reverting usually means syncing the Github branch locally, reverting / force pushing, uploading, and resyncing to Glitch.

There is also additional state on the filesystem that is not tracked by syncing back and forth with Github which could be better captured if it was a feature native to glitch.


You can do that right now if you use git in the console. You already have a git repo in your project that takes snapshots periodically. If you want to take a snapshot at a specific point, you can do a git commit manually.

If you want to revert, you can use normal git commands, and then use the command “refresh” to get the editor to pick up the changes.