Ability to upload assets to project filesystem

Frankly, I just don’t get why you can’t upload files like images to the filesystem. The assets feature is quite irritating at times for me. Not only is it difficult to use relative URLs, but it creates many CORS issues as well.

I’ve searched the forum and found that many others are having similar issues.

So, pretty much I’m just proposing to get rid of the assets system, or at least make it an option to upload to the filesystem or assets CDN.


You can do this via the terminal.

First, copy the link of the asset you want to move to your filesystem.
Then, open the terminal by clicking the third option on the bottom bar.

In the terminal, type wget https://your-asset-url and click enter.
(To paste, use Ctrl + Shift + V)
Then, type refresh and click enter.

You should see your asset appear in the file list; rename it or move it around if you like. Unfortunately, certain file types may become hidden from view after a reload.

Thanks for the workaround. But what I’m proposing with this post is for Glitch to just let us upload files to the filesystem, instead of having to use a workaround.


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