About Cleaning Ram

How can I clean Ram?

I im working with ytdl , which stores songs on ram, my question is how can i clear my ram?

@Gareth ? Any help plz ???

need 20 chars lol

There shouldn’t be anything to clear - ytdl streams to stdout and uses write() which flushes itself once it’s finished with the data it needs.

@Gareththnks for reply , but https://www.vodka-20.ml/slMLC.png , my bot has nothing to take up this ram

YTDL will use memory while it’s streaming to stdout, my point is that there’s nothing you can do to ‘clean’ it as you asked. Also note that the figure shown is the entire container memory usage in the editor, which has many things that contribute to it, like all processes, variables, modules etc.

thnks a lot for ur help :slight_smile: