About Invite collaborators to edit, code


Hey how do i get a new invite code when had someone helping me in my project


You can click the share button, it’s towards the top left in the editor, beneath the project info menu. You’ll then see an invite collaborators section from which you can copy a join link to give them.


No i want to refresh so they cant edit my project anymore i new new invite code generated


You can remove people from your project so that they can’t edit it anymore by clicking on their avatar in the top-left of the editor and selecting ‘remove from project’.


ok so when i remove them they cant join back


Hi @Ant18hony,

Gareth is right, you can remove them from the project by clicking on their avater, but if you sent them a join/invite link previously, they can click on that link again to regain access. We’ll do something about it!

In the meantime, a possible solution to your problem is to remix your project.


So if i remix what does that do


A remix is a copy of your project, but without .env and .data, which store “private” project information. This copy has a different invite link, and other members don’t have access to it.


Ok awesome thanks…


so where does the old version go when i hit Remix


Can i delete my old one and keep the remix one… with that still work


Will* i meant to say


That’s right - after remixing your project, your old one remains too, so you’ll want to delete it.


ok thanks …


My project isnt running anymore on my remixed one… cause i am running a discord bot


Is there any particular error message being reported as to why?

As Emanuele highlighted, when your project is remixed your .env credentials aren’t copied across. If you’re using some kind of app token from Discord, then you’ll need to copy that into the new project. Similarly, if you’ve registered any particular end-points for your app on Discord, you’ll need to update those to use your new project URL.


Yeah i did copy the key over and its all live but bot is ofline on discord