About the 429 Issues

Discord will autobans/“instabans” your project (when if you try to remix your project) this might been a glitch but i don’t know. So my method is no longer works, but i will try to contact Discord about this issue.

Hey @SplitXPlayZ,

It would be nice you did not create a separate topic just for this. For users who do not know of the original post you wrote, this will be irrelevant. I advise you announce this on the same topic itself rather than creating a new topic for announcing that your method no longer works.

Hope you understand!


I feel this important. And some pages of Glitch is returning with 502.

Apologies for being harsh but you should not feel a method found by you needs to have several (in this case, two) different topics.

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Hey @SplitXPlayZ, there have been two posts about this in the last day or so.


I did not saw them, anyways.